Triad Princess Season 2: Every Detail We’ve Learned Thus Far.

Triad Princess Season 2: Every Detail We’ve Learned Thus Far.


Triad Princess Season 2 News: A lot of attention is being paid to this show because it is one of the first Taiwanese shows that Netflix has made available for viewing. As the popularity of K-drama grows, so does the number of fans from beyond Taiwan. One of the reasons Taiwanese dramas are so popular right now is because they tend to focus on romance rather than thrillers and criminal dramas.

Triad Princess Season 2 Cast

Triad Princess’ first season is available to view on Netflix as of December 6, 2019. It’s interesting to see how enthused the fans are about the Triad Princess Season 2. The greatest place to keep up with the latest developments if you’re a fan.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the programme, we’d be happy to provide you with some background information. As a warning, this post includes spoilers, so please read at your own risk.

The Release Date for Triad Princess Season 2

As opposed to series from the United States and the United Kingdom, which don’t have the same loyal fan base in Asia as Triad Princess, So, we don’t sure when or how long it will take to generate the Triad Princess Season 2.

The first season of Netflix’s Triad Princess premiered on December 6th, 2019. Because of this, we shouldn’t anticipate the Triad Princess Season 2 to premiere anytime soon. Based on the absence of exposure for the show, it looks that Triad Princess Season 2 of the show is doomed.

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What Is Triad Princess’s Story? As a warning, there are spoilers ahead!

Her father, triad boss Ni Kun (Michael Huang), is head of the Cosmos, a violent gang, and Angie Ni (Eugenie Liu) is his daughter. Angie and Ni Kun, her mother, are at the centre of the storey (Eugenie Liu). By the time she’s 25, she’s had enough of being a slave to her father and decides to go out on her own.

Angie disguises herself as an undercover bodyguard for a famous actress in order to escape being identified as the daughter of a convicted felon. As she begins a new chapter in her life, Xu Yi Hang, her famous infatuation, is one of the first persons she encounters.

Triad Princess Season 2: It’s hard to tell what kind of person Xu Yi Hang is from his public persona, but he likes being himself with Angie. One snowball of sentiments starts sliding down the icy mountain as soon as Hang sees Angie’s limitless brightness and purity for what it is.

As Romeo and Juliet, Hang and Angie’s love tale is similar to that of the lovers. Afraid to say anything about her father’s company or the antics of Cosmos in front of the cameras, Angie is practically treading water. Over the years, we’ve seen that when love is put to the test, it always works out.

In Triad Princess Season 2, who is the cast?

Eugenie Liu portrays the film’s protagonist, Ni An Qi (also known as Angie). She has also appeared in “Good Times,” “Behind Your Smile,” and “Fan Club.” She is a talented performer. In addition, she has appeared in a number of films, the most recent of which is titled “Mon. Mon. Mon. MONSTERSS.”

Actor Liu Ming-daughter tze’s Eugenie envisioned a career in journalism and athletics in addition to performing. When she was a student, she pondered becoming a sports journalist to combine her two loves, but in light of the present political climate, she eventually opted to become an actor.

One of Taiwan’s most popular musicians and models, Jasper Liu plays the lead role of Xu Yi Hang. He made his acting debut in 2011 in “In Time with You” as a supporting character. Liu has been in a number of successful television series and films since then. As a result, the Patisserie with No Name is just one of several prominent characters he’s had the pleasure of portraying over the years. “When I See You Again,” “Once Upon a Love,” and “Pleasantly Surprised” are among the others.

Triad Princess Season 2

The following actors round out the show’s ensemble cast:

  • In the role of Angie’s father, Michael JQ Huang
  • Wang Jin Guo is played by Chang Shu-Wei.
  • Amanda Liu is the author.
  • The name of Tien Hsin
  • Zen-like Lee Lee
  • Yu-Ning
  • Hung Yan-siang
  • In Chinese, Chang Zhang-xing is known as

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