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Vanguard Movie


Are you curious to know about the Vanguard movie so here is all the information about it.

Vanguard Movie About

It is important for you all to know about the Vanguard movie it is a Chinese Adventure action film it is directed by Stanley Tong written by Stanley Tong produced by Stanley tong it is starring Jackie Chan, Yang Yang Aj Lun, Miya Muqi cinematography is done by Lee chi wah.

It is edited by chi wai yau music is given by Nathan Wang the production companies are China film International Media company, Tencent pictures and shanghai L I X entertainment , it is distributed by Golden screen Cinemas.

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It was released in the year 2020 on 3rd September the running time is 108 minutes the country of origin is China and the languages are Cantonese, Manaring ,English, Arabic.

Vanguard Movie Story

The research paper has just came out which includes the news and use has been break out which includes the storey of vanguard movie.

It is the storey of a leader of the terrorist group it was about the finance and the project it was the military operation which was by us forces and his son Umar survived there his father has the money where about he is known as the qin.

A storey is about jackets and his stand it is a great Chinese accountant based storey it is about the boss of Vanguard which has the International Security and it can also solve the problem and it has problem solving skills also when the movie is good.

It has also earned 246 million yuan in 2 weeks all that has performed not good it in local blockbusters.

Vanguard Movie Release Date

The fans are curious to know about the Vanguard movie that is demanding a lot for the release date and asking a lot of questions about it so the wait of the fans is now over. It was released in the year 2020 on 30th September.

Vanguard Movie Where to Watch

The famous streaming sites are always prided you through the article so you can approach dost sites and watch your favourite drama series you can watch it on Hulu for the free trial , it is also available on the Amazon Prime

Vanguard Movie Cast

As per the records, it is discovered that the cast of Vanguard movie is:

Jackie Chan Plays the Role of Tang Haunting

Yang Yang Plays the Role of Lei Zhenyu

Ai Lun Plays the Role of Zhang Kaixuan

Miya Muqi Plays the Role of Miya \sYang Jian Plays the Role of Jian Ping \sZhu Zheng Plays the Role of Ting Shendiao \sJackson Lou Plays the Role of Qin Guoli

Xu Ruohan Plays the Role of Fareeda \sBrahim Achabbakhe Plays the Role of Broto

Vanguard Movie

Eyad Hourani Plays the Role of Omar

Tomer Oz Plays the Role of Tunda

Mir Sarwar Plays the Role of Kalasu

Vanguard Movie Reviews

Views of the fans are important part of the articles here are some of them it is a movie which resembles the jacket and it is the best movie of Jackie Chan and it has written around more than a time it is the best action movie.

It has Technology showcase and cosmetic movements are also involved it is incredible and all the stanza perform very well it has amazing stunts it is about mention the cultural facts of China’s and the family values.

It has good action movie and continuity movie it is superb enough and jackets and has also performed the action in back to back it is good understandable and it can be viewed with the family it has the warrior and the dead scenes and has many fighting scenes and that is an ever failed to impress the girls fans.

It is the interesting movie has most of the funny scenes involved in the movie it can’t be disappointing all the sum of the views not like that but it is good enough the respect for the hard work investment risk and is also making the movie good it has received 3.7 stars out of 5 and 6 25 ratings.

Questions that are often asked

Is Vanguard worth watching ?

Vanguard movie is an action blockbuster movie. It is charming and it is expected that the talents of Jackie Chan and Stanley Tong are worth watching.

How much did it cost to make the movie Vanguard?

Vanguard is an action movie which made $ 5 5.6 million and it has become the biggest distributed action film in the last 10 years.

Is Vanguard movie available on Amazon Prime?

All the famous streaming sites have provided us with the article so you can watch your favourite drama series and movies. It is available on Amazon Prime.

What language is Vanguard movie?

The languages in which Vanguard movies are available are Chinese ,Arabic ,English mandarin and cantonese .


The concluded part of the article and that the article provide you the information about the Vanguard movie has also revealed the storey of the Vanguard movie and it has mentioned the release date of the movie.

The Famous team insides are also mention into the articles to you all can watch them very easily reviews of the fans are also mention so you can have a look on it if you want to get more information about the movie of the coming part.

You can stay tuned you will be updated soon if you want to mention any of the reviews regarding the season are the article you can mention.

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