Vigil (2021) – Where Can I Find It Online?

Vigil is a British television series developed by Tom Edge that falls under the police procedural genre and has many dramatic and exciting scenes. This series was created by Angie Daniell and the World Productions production firm. The series has a variety of celebrities and enough of action to keep things interesting and ensure that no scene is dull or uninteresting.

Many crimes and investigations are included in the series, which leads to a schism between the police, the Royal Navy, and MI5. Detective Amy Silva is the central figure in this storey, and she is not easily swayed.

When and where can you see it?

Have you seen Vigil yet? The first episode of the series was published on August 27, 2021, and the first season finished on September 26, 2021, with six episodes. But don’t worry; you can watch Vigil episodes for free on Sky Go, Virgin TV Go, or pay to watch it on Apple iTunes and Amazon Video. The series has received a lot of positive feedback, so don’t wait to see it.


This series features a variety of well-known celebrities. Suranne Jones portrays protagonist Amy Silva; Rose Leslie portrays Detective Sergeant Kirsten Longacre; Shaun Evans portrays Elliot Gover; Martin Compston portrays Craig Burke; Paterson Joseph portrays Neil Newsome; Adam James portrays Mark Prentice; and Gary Lewis portrays Colin Robertson.

Lauren Lyle portrays Jade Antoniak, Therese Bradley portrays Laura Michael, ParthThakerar portrays Jay Kohli, Lolita Chakrabarti portrays Erin Branning, Dan Li portrays Hennessy, Lorne MacFadyen portrays Matthew Doward, Connor Swindells portrays Simon Hadlow, Lois Chimimba portrays Tara Kierly, Daniel Portman portrays Gary Walsh, Anita Vettesse portrays Jackie

Vigil’s plot

The rivalry between the police on one hand and the Royal Navy and British security agencies on the other is central to the plot of this series. Following the murder of a man and the disappearance of a Scottish fishing vessel, a schism arises. However, the police are unable to locate it, and the crime remains unsolved.

There is a lot of action, adventure, suspense, and thrills in this series, which makes it even more exciting, and the six episodes are all unique. Each of the characters has a lot more to contribute to the plot and fits in well. Watch all of the episodes to get a sense of what a series like this is all about.

Should you watch it or skip it?

Vigil will take you away from the daily romance and drama and into the world of action thrillers. The characters have done an excellent job of advancing the narrative, and the conflict between the police and other British authorities appears to be well warranted. Although neither one appears to be bowing down in front of the other, the police need to know the reality as well. The series is quite fascinating, so keep an eye out for it and let us know what you think.

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