Vigil: Where To Watch It Online and What Is It About After All?



The police procedural Vigil is a British television series. Tom Edge is the creator of the show. The police procedural has a total of six episodes. Originally, the series was premiered on August 29, 2021, on BBC One. Later on, the series was concluded on September 26, 2021. Vigil also received a great response from the audience, which made it one of the most-watched dramas on the original network, BBC One.

Pondering about how wonderful is this drama? Where can you stream the series online? What is the plot of the police procedural? Well, we got it covered for you; just keep reading this article to know the answers to all of your questions.

Where Can You Stream The Series “Vigil” Online?

Though the original broadcasting of the series was done on the original network that is BBC One, thanks to the OTT platforms that we could stream the series anytime we desire even though; the series has been officially concluded on the original network on September 2021.

Vigil is available on various OTT platforms, and you can comfortably stream the police procedural on LionsgatePlay, TVNZ, TVNZ 1, TVNZ On Demand, and Peacock. In the United States, Vigil will be available on the peacock OTT platform from December 23, 2021.

What Is The Police Procedural Series “Vigil” About?

The amazing police procedural Vigil has a very mysterious and thrilling plot to begin with. This suspenseful series has everything that an audience can ask for from a mystery thriller. The plot of the series follows the detective, who is the Chief Inspector of the Scottish Police Service named Amy Silva. She was sent to a nuclear-powered ballistic submarine that is named HMS Vigil.


Well, the question might arise as that why she was sent to that submarine. The answer is that to investigate the death that took place on board. It is not only about the death on board but also the disappearance of the Scottish commercial fishing vessel. Right after the disappearance of the fishing trawler, the death took place. As the investigation was proceeded by Amy Silva and her colleagues, this gave rise to a conflict between the Scottish police department and the Navy as well as with the M15, which is a British Security Service Centre.

Who Are The Casts/Crew Of The Police Procedural Series “Vigil”?

The casts and crew for the police procedural series, Vigil are as follows Suranne Jones (Amy Silva), Rose Leslie (Kirsten Longacre), Shaun Evans (Glover), Paterson Joseph (Newsome), Adam James (Prentice), Connor Swindells (Hadlow), Gary Lewis (Robertson), Lolita Chakrabarti (Branning), Anjli Mahindra (Tiffany Docherty) (Tiffany Docherty).

Lorne McFadyen (Doward), Stephan Dillane (Shaw), Lois Chimimba (Tara Kierly), Bobby Rainsbury (Cronin), Christian Ortega (Anderton), Martin Compston (Craig Burke), Daniel Portman (Gary Walsh), Tom Gill (Adams) and Anita Vattesse (Jackie Hamilton) (Jackie Hamilton).

How Is The Response Of The Audience?

Well, Vigil has successfully garnered a lot of attention and appreciation since its release. It became so popular that it had also been termed as the most-watched drama of the year on BBC One.

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