Virgin River Season 4: Who is Paige?

Virgin River Season 4

Virgin River Season 4: Paige Lassiter (played by Lexa Doig) has been documenting her journey on the Virgin River after escaping an abusive relationship in Florida. In her new town, she warmed up to Preacher (Colin Lawrence), pushing her to tell him the truth about her past and driving her to run once more.

Fans have liked seeing Preacher’s character develop throughout the three seasons of the Netflix series, especially now that she is caring for her son Christopher (Chase Petriw), but they are already looking forward to season four.

Virgin River Season 4

Preacher and Paige’s character arcs have been at the heart of one of the show’s most compelling and risky plots since season one. Paige, who used to go by the name Michelle Logan, first arrived in town in season one and stayed to herself for the most part. She was trying to get away from her old life, afraid that her previous relationship with a violent ex-husband might come back to haunt her.

She revealed her secret to Preacher after gaining her confidence, which she had been holding from her ex-husband, Wes (Steve Bacic). Wes was able to track her down and reintroduce himself to her just before she was about to reveal the truth.

Virgin River season 4: Is Paige Safe?

However, this was short-lived, since Paige killed Wes by knocking him down a flight of stairs in self-defense. Vince (also Bacic), Wes’ brother, returned to town in quest of him, causing Paige to flee once more.

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On Reddit, some viewers pointed out that there is still a lot more to Paige’s storey to be told, especially given her child is still in town. Other fans, on the other hand, feel the Preacher and Paige plot should be wrapped up, resulting in a clear fan rift.

Preacher, on the other hand, is unlikely to be in any condition to help Paige in season four after being drugged and robbed by Paige’s so-called best friend in the season finale. With Paige still missing, Preacher paralysed, and Vince having returned to town after finding Christopher, the future appears dark.

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