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Volumil was created by John Miller, an Amish physician who has real-life experience validating the power of the Amish water ritual for cleansing our bodies of all toxic substances.

Volumil, a powerful natural supplement, incorporates the Amish Water Ritual. According to the official website, this ritual may provide a real-life solution for the toxic buildup in our brains.

We rarely look into the darkest of problems until life throws us many cruel blows. John Miller had never explored natural remedies for his hearing loss until he was told by his doctor that it was irreversible. We wouldn’t likely have the Volumil hearing loss support formula if Miller had not suffered from hearing loss.

Volumil is the light at the end of the tunnel for John Miller. This all-natural formula relies on nature’s healing power to heal people who have exhausted all medical options for hearing loss. This Amish-centered formula for hearing healing completes the equation but eliminates surgeries, hearing aids and any other expensive solution.

This Volumil is a well-known supplement that has helped John Miller (the product developer) regain his former glory after he was told by his doctor that no medical technology could cure his hearing loss.


Volumil: What is it?

Volumil is a natural blend of 30 ingredients, including minerals, vital factors and herbal extract, that’s meant to improve hearing. It detoxifies the body by eliminating toxins and free radicals that could harm the hair and brain . The product has many health-giving benefits that are loved by many consumers.

  • Volumil improves blood circulation.
  • It supplies the brain with enough oxygen to improve overall brain performance.
  • The dietetic supplement promotes neuroblast transmissions (signaling between hair cell and brain).
  • Volumil is a powerful tool for cell regeneration.
  • It reduces anxiety and depression.
  • It is helpful for those who have trouble sleeping.
  • This supplement can reduce earache, headaches, and other symptoms.

How does a Volumil work?

VolumilVolumil contains a lot of miraculous extracts that can correct hearing loss. Volumil contains 29 powerful ingredients that, once injected into the bloodstream, flow to the relevant organs and initiate a process of rejuvenating and regenerating the brain. Any toxic elements in the supplement are removed from the brain once it has absorbed them. This results in a healthy brain that is nourished and free of toxicity.

The hearing restoration process will begin once the brain has been cleansed and the toxins removed. This is when the B1 and B6 ingredients, as well as zinc, calcium, vitamin, B2, and vitamin B6 are injected into your system. Then, the process begins to help hair cells grow again.

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The ingredients can be taken in moderation to restore lost hearing ability and give you child-like hearing capabilities. Supplements are unique and carefully selected to aid in healing. These include Rhodiola Rosea which is effective in fighting ABP neurotoxin and L-Theanine, which can be used to lower neurotoxin plague levels. Griffonia Simplicifolia is ideal for restoring ear cells.

What are the ingredients in Volumil?

Volumil seems heavily to emphasize the use of vitamins and minerals. Each serving contains Vitamin B1 (6mg), Vitamin B2 (6mg), Vitamin B6 (4mg), Vitamin B6 (4mg), Vitamin B6 (4mg), Vitamin B6 (4mg), Vitamin B6 (4mG), Vitamin B6 (4mg), Vitamin B6 (4mg), Vitamin B6 (4mg), Vitamin B6 (4mg), Pantothenic Acid (8mg), Vitamin B6 (12.5mg), Vitamin B6 (12.5mg), Vitamin B6 (12.5mg), and Potassium (12.5mg), Vitamin B1CcV8RdTUFdYt48wZ1DsJf8Rd8R8R8RdTUFdZ1CcV8RdTUFdYt48wZ1Mg), Vitamin B1CcV8R8RdTUFdZ1CcV8R8R8R8RdZ1CcV8Ra1CcV8RdTUFV8Ra1CcVy1Cc12.5mg), and Pota (12.5mg),

The next step is to add all the herbs in Volumil’s proprietary blend. They primarily consist of:

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is also known as the “golden root” because of its adaptogenic properties. It has been proven to improve mental and physical health. This ingredient has been shown to improve mental health by reducing stress and exhaustion as well as increasing cognitive function.

Lutein 5%

Lutein, a type antioxidant, is designed to support vision, heart health, and skin health. Volumil can neutralize free radicals, lower inflammation, and stress to maximize brain health.


Ashwagandha, a well-known herb for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, is popular in Ayurveda. It may reduce stress and fatigue as well as anxiety, which are symptoms associated with certain mental illnesses. It can also be used to increase mental stamina and nerve strength.


It is widely accepted that chamomile can be used as a sleep aid. It has been shown to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and even increase immunity, to name just a few.

Volumil WOW

Gamma Aminobutyric Acid

GABA is a key chemical messenger and inhibitory neurotransmitter. It supports the brain. GABA’s primary function is to inhibit certain areas of the central nervous systems that are associated with anxiety, stress, mood swings, and stress.

Passionflower (to possibly relieve anxiety and insomnia), valerian, L-theanine, L-theanine, and oat straw are other ingredients. Some evidence suggests that they can also be used to promote restful sleep.

How to Prevent Hearing Loss without Volumil?

These are the recommendations of doctors regarding hygiene and prevention of hearing loss:

  1. Make sure to clean your ears. Ear canal clogs can be caused by the accumulation of wax in the ears. Every day, clean your ears with a towel that has been soaked in warm water.
  2. Protect your hearing from outside influences. It is best to avoid loud music, engines and operating machinery. You can purchase earplugs at the pharmacy if the noise level in your home is too high.
  3. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience sudden hearing loss or ringing in your ears.

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PROS Volumil

  • Volumil stimulates brain activity and enhances the neuron network. This ensures proper functioning of auditory nerve.
  • This supplement stimulates healing and detoxification.
  • It provides the body with all necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
  • The product is not dangerous for your health.
  • The FDA approves the formula components and they are blended in a facility that meets the GMP standards.
  • Volumil is 100% natural.
  • There is no need for a prescription.
  • Three packaging options are available at reduced prices
  • Manufacturer offers a 2-month guarantee for full refunds
  • International shipping is possible.

CONS Volumil

  • Volumil is not suitable for pregnant/lactating women, customers under 18 years of age, or anyone allergic to any component in the supplement formula.
  • This product may contain gelatine, which is not suitable for vegans.
  • The manufacturer’s website is the only place to find the supplement.
  • Volumil doesn’t provide instant results.

What clients love about Volumil Supplements?

You’re probably curious about the benefits of Volumil Supplement, as it is with all customers when new products are offered for sale. Here are some of the key benefits that this amazing all-natural supplement will bring to buyers.


  • This product is 100% natural and contains only the best ingredients.
  • This remarkable formula is user-friendly and made from natural ingredients. It was created to help you regain lost hearing.
  • It is a highly effective product that has been tested on hundreds of satisfied customers.
  • This formula is known for being one of the most safest and effective all-natural remedies for hearing loss.
  • The supplement comes with a 60-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can return it.
  • It is a great alternative to dangerous surgery, unreliable hearing aids, painful treatments, and other potentially harmful procedures.
  • Online ordering is possible for as many bottles and quantities as you wish.

What do consumers not love about the Supplement?

Only the official developer’s site can sell the supplement. It is not available anywhere else.

If you are on medication or have severe health problems, consult your doctor before taking the supplement.

What is Volumil’s Special? Is it safe to use?

Volumil uses miracle ingredients, which include 29 amazing ingredients. Each ingredient has been independently tested and proven safe. You get the maximum brain power to rejuvenate and regenerate. Your brain absorbs the amazing nutrients immediately after they reach your bloodstream.

This supplement contains exotic ingredients that work to cleanse your auditory nerves, and regrow hair cells. This combination of vitamins B1, B2, and B6, as well as zinc, speeds up the restoration process.

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Volumil is actually effective?

Volumil has received positive reviews and is considered more effective than its counterparts. Volumil has helped many customers solve their weight problems. Volumil is a powerful and effective formula.

Possible side effects

No adverse reactions were reported or found.

Volumil contains ingredients that are sourced exclusively from nature. This supplement does not contain any stimulants, additives, or chemicals. Therefore, it appears to have no side effects.

To avoid allergens, make sure you check the ingredients list.

How to Use Volumil?

Two capsules daily is the recommended dosage. It is best to take the capsules before noon with a glass water. One bottle of the supplement contains 30 capsules. It’s good for a one-month supply. It may last up to 15 days in some cases. If you’re advised by your doctor to take two capsules per day, this supplement can be used for as long as it takes. Take one capsule per day in the morning and at night.

Most customers notice a difference in their hearing within the first month after Volumil intake. For better results and a longer-lasting effect, you should take the supplement for at least half a year.

Volumil Price

What is the cost of Volumil?

Volumil supplement is affordable and inexpensive. This could allow the company to achieve its main goal of promoting hearing loss prevention worldwide. There are three packages available for the supplement. You can choose from a single bottle or three to six bundles.

A single bottle package is $69. Each bottle of the 3 bottle package is $59, which works out to $177. The 6-bottle package is $49 per bottle and costs $294. Bundle packages include free shipping, while single bottles have a small shipping charge.

Money-Back Guarantee!

Volumil offers a 60 day money-back guarantee. Volumil offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if the supplement doesn’t make the intended changes in the body.

This assures that there are no risks in trying the product. The goal is to provide a product that solves all client’s problems.

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Where to Buy?

Only the official website can sell this supplement. All people have the opportunity to purchase the product from the official website while supplies last. Volumil is still available as of now but this could change at any time. If you are interested in Volumil, please click the link below to access its official site.

Final Verdict

Volumil is advertised as an anti hearing loss supplement. However, the ingredients list suggests that it may be implicitly targeting this issue. This formula seems to target poor nerve and cell health as a result of ABP neurotoxin. Balance among the ABP proteins can be achieved, and cells and auditory nerves will be lifted, which could lead to a healthier brain. Healthy brain means better connections to the hearing system because of the stronger hair cells in the cochlea.

Despite this, the formula is still quite weak. The amount of vitamins and minerals per serving is well below what people should be taking each day. This supplement may not be sufficient. We aren’t told how many ingredients are in the proprietary blend. Nor is the exact amount. These are the reasons why the prices can’t be justified. Individuals should contact customer service to address all concerns before purchasing Volumil.

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