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We Can Be Heroes Updates: A sequel to We Can Be Heroes might air on Netflix if Robert Rodriguez, the show’s director and writer, is interested. We Can Be Heroes premiered on Christmas Day, reintroducing Sharkboy and Lavagirl to fans and introducing the new superhero cops, Sharkboy and Lavagirl’s daughter Guppy.

The producer guaranteed that there will be more from these heroes in the film. Later on, it will be unclear whether We Can Be Heroes would be released on Netflix around the holiday season.

Release date: We Can Be Heroes 

In the New Year, the iconic children’s superhero film will be re-released on Netflix. We Can Be Hero is set to premiere on Netflix on January 1, 2021.

We Can Be Heroes was set to be released in theatres by Sony Pictures and Dimension Films before being bought by Netflix, the streaming behemoth.

In August of this year, the movie was shot in Texas. They were extremely fortunate to complete the filming of the film before the global epidemic struck. The film’s production was halted globally because of the COVID -19 Pandemic.

We Can Be Heroes

Cast: We Can Be Heroes

The movie’s team management has already agreed on their casting plot. Taylor Dooley’s support as Lavagirl has been verified. However, owing to his hectic schedule during the filming of Sharkboy, Taylor Lautner would not be available to play his part. Instead of Lautner, J.J. Dashnaw will portray the part.

Along with the above-mentioned actors, the film will include a number of additional stars in supporting parts. Priyanka Chopra will portray Ms Granada, Christian Slater will play Tech-No, Pedro Pascal will play Marcus Moreno, Haley Reinhart will play Ms Vox, and many more will appear in the film.

The Plot:

The film We Can Be Heroes is about 11 child superheroes. The youthful superheroes, Sharkboy and Lavagirl, who are now doting parents to Guppy, received the power after so many years of exploits.

When aliens attacked the Earth and captured the parents of the young superheroes, they were tasked with rescuing their parents and saving the Earth from the intruders.

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