Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, is engaged to Sharina Hudson.

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Wendy Williams News: After a two-year separation from his ex-wife Wendy Williams, television producer Kevin Hunter, 46, has announced his engagement to Sharina Hudson.

Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, is now engaged to Sharina Hudson, the woman with whom the producer had a long-term affair while married to Wendy Williams.

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According to Page Six, the TV producer gave Sharina a $80,000 engagement ring in April 2020, and she has been wearing it since since, as evidenced by her Instagram posts.

Sharina Hudson is a massage therapist who is 36 years old.

Kevin Hunter and Sharina Hudson have a 2-year-old daughter named JOURNEY.

Wendy Williams

What did Wendy Williams say About Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter?

Wendy was the one who filed for divorce from Kevin in the year 2019, which came after a 22-year marriage.

Wendy previously stated in January 2021 that her ex-husband is a “serial cheater,” revealing that she was aware of his affair with Sharina. “Kevin cheated on me while I was pregnant with my son,” she added, referring to their now-21-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr. “I didn’t want him to abandon me alone.”

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“Kevin was a serial cheater,” she continued. “Kevin had a variety of mistresses. This was the one with whom he had the longest relationship.”

“I am not proud of my recent acts and accept full accountability and apologise to my wife, my family, and her fantastic fans,” her ex-husband said in a statement, adding that he was “going through a time of self-reflection” and “trying to right some wrongs.”

In the 1990s, the ex-couple met and married in 1997.

Wendy Williams’ manager and executive producer of her eponymous talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, was Kevin.

Wendy’s departure from the Fox talk programme due to her health issues, which include Grave’s disease, hyperthyroidism, and lymphedema, coincides with the announcement of Kevin’s impending arrival. Due of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, the Season 13 launch was postponed, but it returned in September, and the television star has been taking a break to maintain her health.

For this season, guest anchors Leah Remini and Whitney Cummings, among others, have been filling in for her. Wendy wants to return to work as soon as possible, according to a reliable source.

“It’s been very difficult for Wendy not to be at work every day and just watch,” the source said, adding that she had “every intention” of returning. “She told her workers, friends, and everyone else around her about her plan,” the person continued. “Her show is everything to her.”

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