Wesley Schultz Net Worth 2022 – Barack Obama also likes His Band!

Wesley Schultz

These are the real numbers behind Wesley Schultz’s alleged fortune.

Facts of Wesley Schultz’s net worth

Net worth $1.5 million
Date of Birth: 1982 December 30
First Name Wesley
Last Name Schultz
Nationality Ameican
Age: 39 years old

Wesley Schultz’s Net worth: $3 million!

Wesley Schultz

The Lumineers’ Wesley Schultz is the band’s guitarist and main singer. Estimated net worth for the band Lumineers is at $10 million, although Wesley has a personal net worth of about $3 million. 6Cheek was the band’s previous stage name. He’s not the only one: Barack Obama also likes the band.

Childhood and Professional Development

On December 30, 1982, Wesley Schultz was born in Ramsey, New Jersey, and grew up there. Schultz and childhood friend/drummer Jeremiah Fraites established the band in 2002. ‘ The band soon made the decision to concentrate on their musical endeavours in the city of New York. However, in New York, they were unable to amass a sizable following. Because of this, they chose to base themselves in Denver, where they could continue to write and perform music.

That was their first album and they had played all around New York before that. When they were in Denver, they placed an ad on Craigslist looking for a cellist. As a result, Neyla Pekarek became the third member of the group. Live gigs and concerts were held with Stelth Ulvang and Ben Wahamaki after they joined the band.

Onto Entertainment became the band’s management company in 2011. With “Ho Hey,” which became a Billboard No. 1 hit in 2012, they launched their debut album later that year. An additional deluxe version of the band’s self-titled album was published in 2013. Cleopatra, their sophomore effort, was finally published on April 8th, 2016.

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Intimate Contexts

After a long courtship, Wesley Schultz tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Brandy Schultz in 2014. Josh Fraites, his boyhood closest friend who died of a heroin overdose in 2002 at the age of 19, had a brother, Jeremiah Fraites, one of his colleagues.

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