Willie Falcon Net Worth 2022: If You’re Curious About His Wealth, Here It Is!

Willie Falcon


Augustino Willie Falcon was a part of one of the world’s largest cocaine smuggling groups, which produced more than $2 billion by importing cocaine from Colombia to the United States. Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami, a Netflix docuseries, tells his life. The current net worth of Willie Falcon is unknown; this is being investigated.

As a child: Willie Falcon

Sal Magluta, a former classmate of Willie Falcon’s and future business partner, attended the same high school. While still in high school, the two began selling modest amounts of cocaine and marijuana as a side hustle. It was decided that they would drop out of high school together.

The Mighty Willie Affluence and Profession

After dropping out of school, they were much more involved in the drug trade. With an old buddy named Jorge Valdes, they helped dispose of 30 kilograms of cocaine in one of their first significant deals. After this, they began dealing with larger amounts of cocaine and eventually became one of Colombia’s major cocaine distributors.

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Magluta and Falcon were an excellent match since they brought something unique to the table. While Magluta focused on negotiating and finalizing the contract, he would serve as a conduit for critical information and connections.

Falcon was a master at using the network he had built up within the Cuban-American community. Additionally, they became innovative and utilized the sport of boat racing to form a network with a variety of notable figures and to carry narcotics into the United States from the Bahamas.

In April 1991, Falcon and his business associate Magluta were finally apprehended. They had amassed a fortune of $2.1 billion in cash and assets, which demonstrated the magnitude of their operations. They were able to transport 75 tonnes of cocaine into the North American region over many years.

Willie Falcon

Before, they could get away with their crimes thanks to their connections and bribes. After their arrest in 1991, they were held in high security for four years. It took three assassinations and two severe injuries before a trial could be held in 1996, but the prosecution was ultimately held in 1997. It is expected that he will be freed in 2017 at the age of 62 from federal prison.

Life in the Private Sector

Alina Rossique was the wife of Willie Falcon. Alina and her husband have three children: Aileen Martinez, Jessica Falcon, and William Falcon, who were born into the family. When Alina was shot and died as she left a beauty salon, a terrible accident led to this awful outcome. Random street violence was later confirmed, according to reports. This made Alina just 33 years old.

Willie Falcon Salary and Earnings Summary

Willie Falcon’s net worth is currently being evaluated. He may have been valued at over $100 million at the time. During their peak period, Falcon and his gang amassed $2.1 billion in cash and other assets.

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