World War Z 2: Is It Finally Coming Back? The Plot, the Release Date, and More

World War Z 2: Is It Finally Coming Back? The Plot, the Release Date, and More


World War Z 2: It’s been almost eight years since the release of World War Z 2, and fans have been wondering what happened to the sequel that Paramount promised.

Max Brooks’ novel of the same name was inspired by the zombie apocalypse film. It was a box office smash, generating over $500 million worldwide and became the highest-grossing zombie film of all time. Everything was poised for a sequel to return but where is it till now?

Many fans have given up hope, but producer Jeremy Kleiner stated in the year 2020 that “a World War Z 2 could become a reality someday.” So, bearing in mind his words and the commitment he made to his supporters, let’s get this post started.

We’ll look at everything linked to the popular program World War Z and its impending season 2 in this post. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about it.

Has the World War Z 2 been cancelled?

World War Z 2 was supposed to be released in 2017, but the production didn’t even get started, and it was all over before it even got started.

The filming was set to begin in the spring of 2018. Brad Pitt, on the other hand, had to leave for the filming of ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.’

There was another delay because Director David Fincher had to work on ‘Mindhunter Season 2‘ so the dates kept pushing and fans weren’t happy about it. Fans sure would love to see them reunited duo of Fincher and Brad Pitt after movies like Se7en, The fight club, and The curious case of Benjamin Button.

The budget has always been a factor since Paramount had to see through over 6, month shoots in 5 different countries.

A report by a Hollywood reporter suggests that the main reason behind the cancellation or pushing dates was the Chinese government. The country has banned movies including zombies and ghosts and keeping in mind that the Chinese market holds a lot of potential viewers. Regardless, a lot of factors are coming in the way of World War Z 2 becoming a reality.

World War Z 2

Is there a chance that World War Z 2 will happen?

There’s always a possibility because the zombie apocalypse is the favorite genre among the audience. Also, the success of the first movie could not be overseen. No one says ‘No’ to movies like this.

Brad Pitt earlier released a statement that ‘We had an excellent storey, which he shepherded, a really strong storey. The stuff he had prepared just hadn’t been witnessed yet. I’m sure he’ll get it out on something else.

So there’s a slight chance that Paramount might revive this sequel sometime later in 2024 maybe.

Who is Going to Cast in the World War Z 2?

If World War Z 2 does happen, Brad Pitt is going to star as the lead United Nation Investigator and the zombie killer Gerry lane.

Earlier confirmed by Mireille Enos that she would return as wife Karin Line. But I am not sure whether everything would be the same after 4 years.

The officials haven’t released anything regarding the cast and the Stars are already busy with their project. If there will be any updates with this show then I’ll make sure to let you know. Make sure to bookmark this page for future updates.

However, while the time of shooting “World War z 2” Brad Pitt’s and Jenna Aniston love tale is one for the ages. Despite only dating for seven years (and married for five), their A-list relationship continued after their divorce in 2005.

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World War Z 2: Probable Plot

Predicting the plot of the World War Z 2 can be a little confusing because the first part was adapted from the novel by Max Brooks. Gerry Lane did say at the end of World War Z that ‘there’s still much left to be done.

So filmmakers should be looking for another zombie attack across the globe stretching into the political future as well. If there will be season 2 of this movie then I would really love to see more action between the zombies.

However, all these are just predictions made by us and most of the show lovers. The future of the World War Z 2 isn’t bright enough to say much about it.

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