Yungeen Ace Net Worth 2022- How Much Money Is Rapper Worth?

Yungeen Ace Net Worth 2022- How Much Money Is Rapper Worth?


A Florida-based rapper and musician, Yungeen Ace have a net worth of $3 million as of 2022, according to Forbes. Pain, Who I Smoke, and F*ck That, among other chart-topping hits, made him a household figure in the hip-hop community. The rapper has a significant fan base on social media, with more than 3 million Instagram followers alone.

If you’re looking for the next big thing in hip-hop, Yungeen Ace is the man to watch. “Who I Smoke” became the breakout song of his career, with approximately 40 million views on YouTube.

Early Life:

A native of east Chicago, Yungeen Ace was born Keyanta Tyrone Bullard on February 12, 1998. The family relocated to Jacksonville, Florida when Ace was just four years old, even though Ace was born in this state.

Yungeen Ace Age

His family, which consisted of him and his six siblings, was unable to pay their expenses and was forced to travel from one rental property in Jacksonville to the next in search of a more permanent residence. Because his father spent 15 years in prison and was rarely available, Ace looked up to his uncle as his primary male role model.

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To make matters worse for Ace, his uncle stepped up and took over as Ace’s father, but he went tragically at the little age of 14. After that, he started making music as a method of dealing with his grief. At the age of 13, he wrote his first song, influenced by singers like Lil Boosie, Rich Homie Quan, and Future. “Stop Stalking Me” was the title of the song he recorded.

Early Interests:

When it came to his early interests, Ace was well aware that he needed to start making connections in the appropriate places if he wanted to create a feasible aim of being a legendary hip-hop artist. Since then, he’s been hanging out with Trigga Romo’s and Flip Tha Yungeen’s local crews.

Ace was able to focus on his music career while working a day job at Steak ‘n Shake for almost a year until he was sentenced to a year in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

Yungeen Ace Net Worth

All In was released in February of 2018 after Ace’s release, and he resumed his profession. The song proved to be a turning point in his career and earned him a record deal with Cinematic Music Group. When he published “No Witness” and “Find Me,” both of which had millions of streams, it was at the same time.

Music Career:

Yungeen Ace’s music career began in August of last year with the release of his first album, “Life of Betrayal,” featuring JayDaYoungan and NBA YoungBoy. Hit songs like “Jungle,” “Pain,” and “F*ck That” abound in this collection. Ace was nearly shot to death just two months after the album’s release. The conflict between ATK and KTA has escalated to a lethal level. ATK now has Ace as its most prominent figurehead.

On the other side of KTA is rapper Foolio leading the charge. Although neither Ace nor Foolio has ever met each other, these two groups are still feuding. Zion Brown, the cousin of Foolio, was down in May of 2017 amid a feud between the two clans. Exactly one year later, in June of 2019, Ace would find himself the subject of a retaliation assault in a neighborhood shopping center.

Ace survived the attack with eight bullet wounds, but two of his buddies and his younger brothers were killed in the attack. He wrote a song called “Pain” shortly afterward in which he spoke about the murders of some of his closest friends. Ace’s next album, “Step Harder,” was produced by Lil Boosie and Lil Durk, two of his musical heroes.


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When Yungeen Ace released the mixtape “DON DADA” in 2020, he followed it up with hits including “Recovery,” “Don Dada,” “400 Shots,” “Murda Talk,” and “Heartbroken.” After then, he re-entered the ATK vs. KTA conflict with the biblical tune “Who I Smoke.”.

Despite its beginnings in violence, the song became a popular hit. The uproar that ensued is likely the reason why the song has become a YouTube sensation with almost 40 million views.

It wasn’t long before Yungeen Ace was ready to move on from his previous traumas, thanks to the release of his track “Who I Smoke.”. When it comes to music, he’s eager to move on from the track “Who I Smoke.” “Life of Betrayal Times 2” is his follow-up endeavor.

Throughout Ace’s life, he also ran into legal issues. When he was under house arrest, he was spotted. Ace was detained for going to the mall against the advice of his probation officer. Yungeen and a handful of his buddies were ambushed at a hotel in Georgia in the early months of 2019 by unknown assailants.

Yungeen Ace Career

Yungeen Ace Net Worth:

By the year 2022, it is anticipated that Yungeen Ace’s net worth would be about $3 million. He’s a rising star in hip-hop who’s already had a few big hits under his belt. After the success of his YouTube videos, such as Who I Smoke and Pain, he became a household name.

With his albums, streaming royalties, live appearances, and merchandising sales, he has already built up an impressive fortune. Yungeen Ace has over 1.2 million fans on his YouTube account as a musician. A number of his music videos have received more than a million views on his YouTube page. Yungeen Ace earns about $400k a year.

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