Brian Hickerson Net Worth: Fight Video Of Hayden Panettiere & Brian Hickerson After Bar Brawl!

Brian Hickerson Net Worth: Fight Video Of Hayden Panettiere & Brian Hickerson After Bar Brawl!


Because they were battling so many people, the footage of Brian Hickerson and Hayden Panettiere’s battle has gone viral on Twitter. To find the event, follow the actions outlined in the following paragraphs.

His hometown is Greenville, South Carolina, where he is a well-known American real estate entrepreneur, television personality, and former Director of Operations at Hickerton Properties.

In fact, he’s well-known in the business as Hayden Panettiere’s ex-boyfriend. Among Hayden’s many talents are her roles as an actor, model, and singer in Hollywood.

In May of this year, Hickerson was arrested for allegedly violently assaulting Hayden.

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Assault Allegations Against Brian Hickerson, According To Wikipedia

Wikipedia has yet to include Brian Hickerson’s official biography. ”

As of 2022, he will have reached the age of 39. He was born on April 25th, 1989, at 7:25 a.m.

Ex-partner Brian Hickerson is an experienced real estate agent and sales executive.

Since joining RealtyMogul in 2012, Hickerson has worked as a recruiter for the company. Two counts of criminal assault on a spouse, cohabitant, girlfriend, or legal guardian were dismissed when he entered a not guilty plea. child’s.

Brian Hickerson

A five-year defending order, formal probation, 52 domestic violence workshops, $500 in reparations, and four years of probation were also imposed on Hickerson.

Brian Hickerson Net Worth:

Between $1 million and $5 million is the estimated net worth of Brian Hickerson.

It’s still unclear how much he’s worth exactly. At some point, we’ll add more details to this section.

Footage of a fight between Brian Hickerson and Hayden Panettiere

A Video featuring Brian Hickerson and Hayden Panettiere has gone Viral Online.

The 32-year-old actress and her boyfriend were caught on camera by TMZ outside of the Sunset Marquis hotel in Las Vegas on Thursday night (March 24).

According to a TMZ insider, Hayden Panettiere, Brian, and a few other friends got into an argument at the lodge bar.

After a road fight broke out because one of the group members claimed Brian spit on them, the administration kicked everyone out.

Security was able to calm the situation briefly in the video, but Brian was able to flee, thus aggravating the problem..

Meanwhile, Hayden was apparently attacked while trying to keep Brian apart from the rest of his friends.

Brian, jail! she’s been heard shrieking at him because he’s on probation until 2025. As soon as everyone has been separated, Brian and Hayden return to the lodge, where she apologises to the employees and the rest of the company departs.

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