Da Brat Net Worth, Lifestyle, Work, Legal and Financial Issues.

Da Brat Net Worth, Lifestyle, Work, Legal and Financial Issues.

Net Worth, Career, Legal Issues, & Financial Issues of Da Brat Because she was the first female MC to reach the pinnacle of hip-hop success in the 1990s, Da Brat is presently broke, as one would expect her to be.

Da Brat

Once a well-known female rapper, she has had to cope with a slew of legal issues. Da Brat’s admirers are dying to know how much he’s worth now that he’s been featured in so many publications.

Da Brat’s Life and Times

This Chicago native was born on April 14th, 1974, and was given the middle name Shawntae Harris after her birth city. The fact that her parents never tied the knot meant that she was always moving from one home to the other.

Shawntae was born to a Chicago bus driver and has always been a member of the Apostolic faith. At the beginning, she sung in the choir four times a week.

Kenwood Academy in Chicago was the rapper’s collegiate alma mater. After that, she attended the Academy of Scholastic Achievement and graduated in 1992. The rest, as they say, is history. She started rapping at eleven years old.

At the time, Jermaine Dupri was the Da Brat Career Producer. His first-ever biggest win was being crowned Yo! MTV Raps Champion. As a result of her success, she signed with Dupri’s So Def label and met KrissKross.


Her platinum-selling debut album, “Funkdafield,” was released in 2008. It sold 1 million copies, making her the first female rapper to achieve platinum-selling status with a platinum album.

For over three months, it occupied the No. 2 spot on the R&B charts. Later, it rose to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and the No. 1 place.

When she released “Anuthatantrum,” she had complete freedom to express herself. She’s worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Mariah Carey, Dru Hill, Lil’ Kim, and Missy Eliot, among others.

Destiny’s Child’s 1999 single, Jumpin, included her as a member of the group. Her biggest success was a duet with Ludacris on Mariah Carey’s “Loverboy.”

Numerous songs reached the top of well-known charts. In 2005, after a brief hiatus, she teamed up with Jermaine Dupri for a comeback album. For the longest time, “I Think They Like Me” held the top place on the Hot R&B chart.

In 2006, she had the opportunity to tour with Mariah Carey. In addition, “Gotsata Go,” her duet with Kelly Rowland, was well-received.

The relationship of Da Brat

Da Brat News

For a long time, the artist kept her sexual orientation a well guarded secret. She came out as a lesbian and confirmed her relationship with Jesseca Dupart in March of 2020. A successful entrepreneur, Jessica has a serene existence with her husband.

Due of Da Brat’s legal issues

There had been a lot of difficulties because of his unusual lifestyle. In 2007, she was involved in an attack at Studio 72’s Halloween party. Da Brat attacked the hostess’s face with a rum bottle after arguing with her.

She was sentenced to three years in prison, as well as seven years of probation, for the crime. In addition, there were 200 hours of community service. When she was released from prison on February 28th, 2011, she assaulted a new victim the following year. The victim was awarded $6.4 million in damages as a result of her actions

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Finances are a problem for Da Brat.

Da Brat has no choice but to apply for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in August 2018 after a series of legal challenges. She had listed assets of $108,700 and liabilities of $7.8 million on the list.

At the time of this writing, she owes Sony Music $1.255 million, the IRS and the Georgia Department of Revenue a few thousand dollars, as well as $12,000 to Ally Bank. Her 1999 Mercedes 238i, 2014 BMW 328i, and $23,000 Jeep Wrangler were all afterwards added to the list.

She claimed a monthly income of roughly $9,300, in addition to an average monthly expenditure of $10,500, which she stated. Da Brat claimed $75,000 in income on her tax return.

The estimated monetary value of Da Brat


She had a net worth of $8 million prior to the seizure of all her properties and assets. Da Brat has only $100,000 in his bank account as of right now. The increase of her properties hasn’t been officially confirmed.

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