Hitman Holla Net Worth -How Much Money Is Rapper Wealth?

Hitman Holla Net Worth -How Much Money Is Rapper Wealth?


Have you ever been curious about Hitman Holla’s net worth? He’s one of the most successful battle rappers of all time, and he’s worth a lot of money. Hitman Holla, a rapper most known for his stint on the SMACK/URL rap circuit, has gone on to have a successful career as an entertainer. It is estimated that Hitman Holla’s net worth is $3 million as of July 2022. You’ll learn about his route to achievement from this post.

Life in the Earlier Years

Hitman Holla Age

Hitman Holla was born on March 29, 1988, in St. Louis, Missouri. Gerald Fulton Senior and Sue Fulton, both of African American descent, were his parents when he was born. Because of his dedication to academics, Hitman was given a full ride to California State University, Northridge. During college, he played basketball because he liked it and because he was skilled enough.

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As time passed, his passion moved from basketball to rapping. He began to be influenced by the sounds of combat rappers like X-Factor and Murda Mook, who he had been listening to. As a result of their influence, Holla developed an impressive rapping technique and a wealth of catchy rhymes.


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After joining Flight Klub, Hitman launched his rap career. In his debut rap battle, he faced off against Remy D. After overcoming the Bill Collector, Holla refined his rapping skills and became a rising star. Rap battle leagues like Battle America and SMACK/URL were among the venues where he participated.

When it comes to fighting in the rap game, Hitman has faced up against a wide variety of artists. He has fought Math Hoffa, Hollow Da Don, Goodz, Arsonal, and Conceited.

After threatening SMACK/URL member Forbes, Holla was banned from the band. The following year, he appeared on Nick Cannon’s hit show Wild ‘n Out for its sixth season. In addition to Conceited, he served as the show’s second rapper.

Hitman Holla Net Worth

Hitman’s Song Releases

Hitman’s first single, “Ball Game,” came out in 2013. Amazon has the CD for $8.91. He collaborated with rapper Jeff on the song “Diddy Dum Dum” in 2016. He has also appeared in the upcoming film “She Ball” in addition to his work in the music industry.

Hitman Holla Net Worth 2022

It is estimated that Hitman Holla’s net worth is $3 million as of July 2022. Hitman Holla has been able to charge a lot of money for his appearances since he is one of the most well-known battle rappers in the world. He has headlined some of the most prominent events in the battle rap industry, including “URL’s Summer Madness” and “Smack/NOME.” URL’s He is estimated to earn up to $30,000 each night.

Hitman Holla Wife

Hitman Holla makes a lot of money through product sales and acting in addition to his performance fees. He is the face of the “Ball Game” clothing brand and has been in the films “She Ball” and “Games People Play.” No surprise Hitman Holla has accumulated such a huge fortune with all of his accomplishments.

Key Takeaways

  • Follow your heart: Hitman was a basketball fan, but he later discovered a love for music. It was only after going all in that he became one of the finest battle rappers of all time, as well as a multi-millionaire.
  • Believe in your abilities: Hitman Holla was always confident in his abilities. The ability to remain focused and motivated even when things weren’t going well benefited him throughout his career.

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