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Juwan Howard


Former professional basketball player Juwan Howard is valued at $80 million to the American public. He became the first NBA player to sign a contract worth $100 million. Between 1996 and 2006, he got an annual salary of $15 million.

For the Miami Heat NBA team, Juwan served as an assistant coach from 2013 to 2018. It was not his first time playing in the NBA; he had previously played for the M’s Heat, the Denver Nuggets, the Sharlotte Bobcats, the Dallas Mavericks, the Southland Trail Blazers, and the Orlando Magic, among others.

Life at the Beginning

Juwan Howard Net Worth

Juwan Howard was born on February 7, 1973. Among the children of Leroy and Helena Watson are their two sons, Howard Watson and Juwan Antonio Howard. Howard Watson was a popular Hollywood actor.

Chicago, Illinois, is where he grew up in America. He was born in the United States and is a naturalized American citizen. Juwan Howard was adopted and reared by his grandma. His parents had just him and his sister.

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Juwan Howard played varsity basketball in high school at Chicago Vocational Career Academy. Before he started college, he was a professional basketball player. He went on to earn the 1991 All-American Basketballer of the Year award despite having a difficult time in school.

They awarded him their all-Imeriсаn honor. When he was in high school, he renamed the school and was accepted into the National Honor Society.

After graduating from high school, he decided to attend the University of Michigan and play football. He was a member of Michigan’s Fab Five. The other four members of the Fab Five were Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson.

Immediately following his second year at Michigan, he announced his decision to enter the 1994 NBA Draft. A Fab Five member was among those indicted in the University of Michigan basketball corruption case. As far as we know, he was not involved in the event.

Juwan Howard Career


Washington Bullets(1994-2001)

Two weeks before training camp began, the NBA players and owners had not yet reached an agreement on the details of a new collective bargaining agreement for the 1994–95 season. Despite rumors that his draught rights might be sold, he continued to train in Chicago as late as September.

While Juwan Howard was on strike, rumors circulated that he was part of a Scottie Pippen trade that included Calbert Cheaney and a first-round draught selection for the Chicago Bulls.

According to another rumor, Rex Chapman and Don MacLean would deal Howard for Pippen. In the 1994 NBA draught, Carlos Rogers was drafted eleventh overall, making him the last first-round choice without a contract.

Juwan Howard missed much of the first month of the season because of long-winded discussions and remained at an O’Hare Airport hotel. When it came time for Howard to sign with the Bullets, one of the biggest concerns was their desire to pay him less than the team’s other top draught selection, 6-year veteran Sharone Wright.

The Washington Bullets chose him fifth in the NBA draught in 1994. From 1994 through 2001, he played six and a half seasons with the Bullets. It was in 1997 when the Washington Bullets have renamed the Wizards.


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Dallas Mavericks (2001–2002)

A day before the NBA trade deadline, on February 22, 2001, the Dallas Mavericks acquired the trio of Howard, Obinna Ekezie, and Calvin Booth from the Los Angeles Lakers in return for the five players previously mentioned as well as $3 million.

For freeing salary-cap space ahead of the NBA’s first season with a luxury tax, Jordan’s choice was lauded. With Wallace, Tim Duncan, Karl Malone, and Chris Webber among the NBA’s top power forwards, Dallas was able to match up better on the defensive end against the Mavericks’ new acquisition. The Redskins had a 19-63 record under coach Hamilton’s guidance.

A 53-29 record in 2000-01 was likewise achieved by the Mavericks under the tutelage of Don Nelson. The addition of Howard to the Mavericks’ lineup allowed Dirk Nowitzki to go to small forward while Shawn Bradley shifted to the center position.

In 81 games, Howard averaged 18.0 points and 7.1 rebounds, including 16 double-doubles and five 30-point performances. As the highest-paid member of a squad that contained future All-Star Michael Finley, future MVP Steve Nash, and future MVP Dirk Nowitzki, Howard was a huge draw for teams.

Car Collection

  • Lamborghini Aventador – $400,000

Personal Life

Juwan Howard age

Juwan Howard and his wife Jenine have been married since 2002, and they have two children, Jace (born in 2001) and Jett (born in 2003). He has a child with Miss Basketball runner-up Markita Blyden in 1992.

The Juwan Howard Foundation, which he founded, raises money for underprivileged children’s basketball leagues in Washington, DC, and Chicago. Juwan Howard had a brief acting career, playing in a 1999 episode of The West Wing as Mr. Grant, a former Dude basketball player who worked for the President’s Council on Physical Fitness.

Film And TV

Howard appeared in 1994’s Hoop Dreams, a basketball film that was released at the time. Aside from The West Wing and Arli$$, he has starred on television in episodes like Beyond the Glory and Hang Time. In 2011, Juwan appeared in the documentary The Fab Five, which was about the Fab Five. ‘It’s Time to Ball’, a rap song written by Howard and Rick Ross, was released.


Juwan Howard’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $80 million as of 2022. At $100 million, he is one of the world’s wealthiest basketball players, having previously played for Mаm Hеаt, Dеnvеr Nuggets, hаrrlоt оbсаts, and Dеllаs sаvеrсks. Howard now earns $5 million a year.

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