Keith Sweat Net Worth 2022- How Much Money Do American R&B Singers Make?

Keith Sweat Net Worth 2022- How Much Money Do American R&B Singers Make?

American soul and R&B singer Keith Sweat is worth an estimated $250 million. He is a record producer, radio DJ, and book. Make It Last Forever (1987), Keith Sweat (1996), Rebirth (2002), and Playing For Keeps (2003) are just a few of the 13 studio albums that Sweat has released (2018).

I Want Her, “Make You Sweat,” “Twisted” (with Kut Klose and Pretty Russ), “Nobody” (including Kut Klose’s Athena Cage), and “Come and Get with Me,” all of Keith’s albums have been certified Platinum or higher (featuring Snoop Dogg).

Sweat has worked with Men at Large, Dru Hill, The Isley Brothers, Immature, The O’Jays, Ol’ Skool, and Chantay Savage to make music. Additionally, he has acted in the films “New Jack City” (1991), “Pastor Brown” (2009), “Love Magical” (2012), and “Martin” (1997). (2018). A globally syndicated radio show, “The Sweat Hotel,” and a book, “Make It Last Forever: The Dos and Don’ts,” were launched by Keith in 2008.

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As a child

Keith Douglas Sweat was born in Harlem, New York City, on July 22, 1961. Father Charles Sweat worked at a factory, while mother Juanita Thompson was a hairdresser. Juanita raised Keith and his four siblings alone when Charles died in 1973. While attending City College, Sweat worked nights at Macy’s as a stock boy and played weekends in a band called Jamilah. Paine Webber eventually hired him as a mail room clerk, and he was promoted to a brokerage assistant at the New York Stock Exchange in just four years. Aside from that, he worked as a manager at the New York Stock Exchange.

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Keith Sweat performed in New York City, Connecticut, and New Jersey as the main singer of Jamilah. A few tracks were recorded with independent label Stadium Records in 1984 after he quit the band to pursue his solo career. While still a teenager in 1987, Keith signed with Entertainment Records, and in November of that year, his debut album, “Make It Last Forever,” arrived.

The album was certified three times platinum, and the single “I Want Her” topped the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs list and the “Billboard” 200 charts. Keith Sweat’s subsequent albums, “I’ll Give All My Love to You” (1990), “Keep It Comin’” (1991), and “Get Up on It” (1994), all topped the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums list, after his successful debut. Silk and Kut Klose were two more bands he found at the same time.

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With “Keith Sweat,” published in 1996, Keith became the first R&B/Hip-Hop artist in history to have a four-time platinum album, as well as a top five spot on the “Billboard” 200. “Still in the Game,” his sixth album from 1998, got Platinum, and “Didn’t See Me Coming,” his seventh album from 2000, went Gold. There have been six albums after “Didn’t See Me Coming” by Sweat, none of which have achieved Gold or Platinum certification. However, “Just Me” climbed to No. 1 in R&B/Hip Hop Albums and No. 10 on the Billboard 200 list in 2008.

Riding Solo (2010), Til the Morning (2011), and Dress to Impress (2016) all made the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart’s top ten. “Playing For Keeps” and the songs “How Many Ways” (with K-Ci) and “Boomerang” was released by Keith in 2018. (featuring Candace Price). “Keith Sweat Live” was published in 2003 and “Sweat Hotel Live” in 2007, and he teamed with Gerald Levert on “Levert.Sweat.Gill” (1997) and ‘LSG2’ (1998), which were both released in 1997. (2003). In July 2021, Sweat competed against Bobby Brown in a “Verzuz” duel and sang some of his songs.

Intimate Relationships

Lisa Wu, a future cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” married Sweat in 1992. Before their divorce in 2002, Keith and Lisa had two boys, Jordan (born 1995) and Justin (born 1998). Keisha, Keia, and Amaya are Sweat’s daughters, while Joshua is his son.

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Problems with Money

Keith Sweat had several financial difficulties in the latter stages of his career. In 2012, Sweat was sued by PMI Mortgage for failing to pay on a Detroit-area residence. In this case, he is accused of failing to pay a $450,000 mortgage. After the bank foreclosed on it, it was put up for sale. The bank owed over $200,000 even after the transaction. Ultimately, the mortgage company was granted $253,000 in damages and sued to garnish Sweat’s earnings and place a lien on all of his assets, including the house he was renting.

Nominations for Awards and Other Recognition

Keith Sweat was nominated for four Grammy Awards, winning the award for Best Male Soul/R&B Artist in 1997. In 1991 and 1998, he was nominated in that category, and he garnered a mention for Favorite Soul/R&B Album for “Make It Last Forever” in 1989. The Soul Train Awards presented Keith with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013.

Keith Sweat has been nominated for eight other Soul Train Awards, including Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Song of the Year (1989) for “I Want Her,” Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Single – Male (1989) for “Make It Last Forever,” Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Album of the Year – Male (1991) for “I’ll Give All My Love to You,” R&B/Soul Album of the Year – Male (1995) for “Get Up On It (1999).

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